Friday, 21 August 2015

Report Card Day

Friday, 21 August 2015.

Milo ice-cream for breakfast. 

Yes, The Little Girl asked for this exceptionally rare treat on the final day of her Reception at The Big School. Considering she had achieved excellent work in the past 8 months in every aspect of her academic/sporting/music and performing arts life, I relented.

Once I had purchased her desired breakfast item, she carefully placed it on her designated spot at the table at the dining hall, washed her hands and sat down at her designated seat to enjoy her sweet treat. Half way through, she was satiated and offered it to me. How kind! 

Her class teachers who saw her all teased her about having the freedom of choice to sit freely that morning. She blushed. 

After 2 episodes of Nummies Nerdy, we put away our used utensils, plates, and garbage and proceeded to wash then dry our hands. She was so cute when she prompted me to place the correct item into the correct bin, prefect style. I remember my heart swelled that little bit more and felt all emotional at how fast she had grown. How compliant she seems, how eager she is to fit into her environment correctly.

A short walk later, we arrived at her classroom to receive her certificate of completion at about 9 a.m. It was only 8 months ago when she had first entered and clung on to me, refusing to let me go...tempus fugit.

Mamapumpkin with T1 and T2 were already in deep discussion so we just said a very quick hi and bye.

As for us, her assigned tutor, Puan J, praised The Little Girl for her excellent work and encourages her to keep it up. InshaAllah.

We then took some farewell photos of her with her class teachers (Mrs. R, Puan J and Miss V; Mrs. C had been away on medical grounds). 

On our way out, we stopped by the front office to request for purchase DVDs of the newly concluded year end concert and the 2015 annual musical production, Annie. We will find out in near future if these are available for sale. 

Then came the emotional part:
"Ducklings. Mrs. R will get new ducklings come September, Mummy?", she noted as we climbed the steps up towards North Hall.

"Yes, darling", I replied.

She said with a slight tinge of sadness, "I am their favourite duckling, you know that? I always finish my work and stay quiet to pay attention". 

"You will get a new mama Duck or two, they will inform us who, soon as they can", I tried to console her.

We kept silent for a few more steps as she was deep in thought.

I thought of a way to distract her from her emotional reflection as I dreaded having to drive her home in tears. Alhamdulillahwe bumped into her classmate on her way in with her family. We quickly took a sweet photo of the girls before they bade farewell. This friend, she will be going to a different school in Autumn 2015.

We then walked no more than 5 steps before a Security Officer at the gate stopped me to ask for a copy of Release Letter. We did a quick U-turn to obtain one from the Front Office. I am so glad SOP is adhered to!

We then headed home to treat her to a lunch date without Bean (who was away at Playschool). "So, this is how it feels like to be a single child", she teased me.

And just like that, she is moving on to her next milestone in her young life. It seemed like just yesterday when we were told by the Registrar she had answered her science paper 100% correctly and that she was being offered a place at The Big School.

Oh, my munchkin, I am so thankful for His blessings upon you. May you recharge well this holiday to return taller, stronger, smarter and wiser. Amin!


  1. My heart swelled with pride just reading this, and it's not even my child! Well done Little Girl and good luck in your new class!

    1. Hi Liz!

      That is exactly how I feel about your Aiden and Ian *kembang* when I read about their milestones.

      We are mums, hehehe!