Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer 2015 Retreat Summary: Day 4

My memory bank is fast to mash up our entire holiday into tea, flowers, strawberries and gardens (although they were mostly from different places); so let me be quick to finish posting our recent retreat summary before it becomes this:

Jade vine at MARDI.

The blue skies.

The tea we did not have any more stomach space for.

Our goodbye visit to our favourite garden and lunch venue.

Our resident very hungry caterpillar.

A fun 4WD ride and 200m tea bush walk up to Sungai Palas BOH.

Tea leaves harvest.

Cacti farm.

Cacti farm.

Harvest of the day behind Cameron Highlands Resort.

We felt it was quite hot at 24C. Disappointingly, we somehow did not make it to Mossy Forest although we were at Sungai Palas BOH plantation nearby. InshaAllah, next time. 

It was another glorious heaven on earth type of day - one where we did not have much, but we had everything. Syukur  alhamdulillah.


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