Monday, 19 January 2015

Ahjumma Updates

Bravo! Completed I Can Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio and now starting to follow Spy (and on most nights when I was finally free, I got too sleepy to watch anything).

In another unrelated update, The Other Half got his belated birthday present (iPhone 6+ 128GB), alhamdulillah. Happy One Year Wiser, Sayang! 

It is a coincidence the value of his gift matches the price of my gray leather arm candy *teehee* as I have "killed" my gray Sofina 2.1 which served me well and survived one return trip to England last year. The gray suited me really well so I went to search for a replacement bag in gray. I am just wired this way.

My Jim Thompson navy tote is frayed now after 3 years of constant wear. The danger is I have been eyeing the Balenciaga Velo in dark blue (instead of City in pink). In sha Allah, if it is my rezeki. Somehow, I admired it before it became the 2014 it bag. Once I see ladies carrying it every corner I turn, my desire for one immediately diminished. I do not like becoming a lemming. Again, I am just wired this way.

Completely random post, very ahjumma of me tonight. Toodles!

P/S: 28 Jan 2015 - Saw Sofina 3 today and it did not excite me the way Sofina 2.1 did. The navy bag search is ON! 


  1. im following "kill me and heal me" rite now..

    1. Dear Mamabeauty,

      Ahjumma United :) I will keep your title in my "to watch list". I still cannot get past the first episode of The Heirs for some reason although many friends and bloggers have suggested it.

      Hope I will like it :)