Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Snippets: Courage

The Little Girl cried at school today. 

On the stage.

In front of 1000+ fellow students, teachers, principals, et al. 

I would have cried too if I were 4 years old, missing home, missing my mummy and just wanted to play outside.

Her class had been asked to introduce themselves by name using a microphone and when her turn came, she broke down. I sincerely pray this will not scar her for life! Indeed, public speaking skills can be taught, talents can be honed. Maybe she will fare better next time.

The Chairwoman would recall meeting her just yesterday and had kindly given The Little Girl a strawberry-flavoured Mentos. Oh, dear me. 

As her mother, I feel that she must have felt overwhelmed and intimidated by the stage and audience in a huge, new, unfamiliar hall. While it is natural for me to turn all cave-woman and protective, I give credit to The Little Girl for being resilient in recomposing herself well enough to continue the remainder of the day unperturbed. By dismissal time when I picked her up, she was her usual merry self, SubhanAllah!

MasyaAllah, I have only comforting hugs for her. May Allah swt grant her courage, confidence and at the same time humility to learn. Education is indeed, not just about studying. May her passion for learning not be snuffed out, Amin!


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