Friday, 16 January 2015

Milestones: Bean Goes to Playschool

In sha Allah, Bean goes to Playschool this March instead of May 2015.

He is so ready, in our humble opinion. He is beginning to show signs of Playschool readiness lately (the first criterion is being able to walk well, then other criteria like feeding self food and drinks, able to signal for toilet etc) so we hope he will find Playschool as fun as his sister did. 

We have secured a spot for him in a safe, clean, happy and trustworthy Montessori close to home where The Little Girl had been. We especially love the close proximity of Playschool to home!

Playschool is filled with indoor and outdoor play, dance and music, art, speech and drama, water play, soccer, Kindermusik and more! Boredom for Bean? Not a chance.

New adjustments to weekday timelines for everyone is in order again and we are so glad we are phasing this process in staggered stages for each child. 

The Other Half looks forward to having his mornings dedicated to work and nothing but work as I look forward to some peace and quiet to complete my daily tasks without losing my sanity. 

Well, there goes another of my 2.55 but really, I am NOT complaining at all. *grin*

May this journey be one that will bring every single one of us happiness, growth and even more joy when we reunite after a few hours being apart on a weekday, Amin!


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