Friday, 16 January 2015


True that The Big School claims to be academic but as I delightfully discovered this week, the little learners have been given a very balanced time-table.

Evidence: Fridays mornings are fun. They start the day with games on the big field, go to the music studio for some jamming fun, put out some colour pencils for Art then have brunch before conducting some clever science experiments, learn moral studies or Agama Islam (my Muslim child and her other Muslim friends) before early dismissal at noon.

The highlight of their week is on Wednesday when an hour is set aside for swimming. Oh, my duckling loves the pool!! She watched videos of swim matches and is in awe of how the "big kids can swim so fast!". Her self-thought-out goal this year is to swim without arm floats. Way to go, girl!

My lightbulb moment was this: why haven't I thought of asking for a copy of the time-table of each different school when I was doing the ground work? Seeing is believing, after all.

We took the book list and felt confident the Playschool we enrolled The Little Girl at back then could prepare her for life and learning at The Big School. In fact, they do so well some of the other parents we know of are delaying entry to other established big school to Year One instead of Reception to save substantial fees!

If you are researching for a suitable learning institution for your little precious ones, please look beyond the fees and syllabus. Look to see if you are surrounded by happy faces with cheerful banter from existing learners. If you find light in their eyes and smile on their faces, you cannot be far from finding a suitable school. 

The Other Half and I witnessed these qualities in the students already enrolled going about their school day back in 2012 and we concluded that the right school had found us. They were orderly, polite, radiant from joy within and enthusiastic, amongst other positive qualities. 

We did not overhear anyone using foul language, hang out aimlessly and we still haven't. Doing so would score them demerit points, which is a real deterrent. Trouble makers who do not repent can and will be expelled. The disciplinary process is clearly spelled out from inception so that everyone is on the same page.

Good luck, my lovelies! May the right school finds you too. 


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