Thursday, 15 January 2015

Weekend Worksheets

The honeymoon period is over and we are now blessed with weekend homework which we get every Thursday to be completed over the weekend and handed in every Monday.

The Big School issued "balanced" homework and The Little Girl was so eager to complete them all this evening so that she can "play the whole weekend", masyaAllah! The apple has not dropped far from its tree. The Other Half used to do his homework ahead of class while I used to complete mine on the day they were issued.

I sincerely pray her love for having fun when learning and completing school worksheets and homework will last a lifetime, Amin!

More worksheets and spelling words avalanche to be expected, as we had been cautioned prior to registration. Now, excuse me while I research fun spelling methods. Indeed, Mummy's Tuition Centre is now fully operational. 

In all fairness, the workload is manageable so far. Some pages take 5 minutes to complete while other more complex ones take slightly longer. We spent about 20 minutes 1-1 tonight and managed to strike off quite a few from the checklist.

In sha Allah, we get to play the whole weekend. 

One golden rule: Parent must try not to lose patience or focus during homework time. I find that that The Little Girl is eager after she is showered, changed, fed well with good snack of fruits, rested after a short play session with her Lego blocks and given enough attention. Physiological and emotional needs taken care of first make sense. Less distractions later. 

Praying for my level of patience to be increased by Allah swt. We will be on this journey until 2025!


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