Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hijab Confession

To Duck or not to Duck?
To Lofa or not to Lofa?

I got myself a Duck snow cap inner recently ...

(Photo of the flatlay by The Little Girl, a good start! Psst biased review by Hampshire Mummy of said flatlay, please do not shoot or judge me.)

... and I love the design because it stores neatly...

... but I must confess that the open ended inner from Nafyana has my vote for cooling comfort. I bought one in each available colour just because it is that cooling!

Hot school runs have left me with one simple conclusion: anything which requires a snow cap or neck inner and pins are way too stifling humid for me. I will preciously store my Innara for cooler days, in Sha Allah, such as my York and London balik kampung days. 

I guess it is back to express slip-on headscarves for this mum on the go. Sugarscarf, here I come. Thank you for trying your best to provide style and convenience to Goldilocks like myself.


  1. I have not been Duck-ed yet, simply because I am not good at handling scarves yet. Plus, I think it's a bit pricey, hehh. One day maybe.

    But I love Naelofar's! I bought like tonnes of them and I don't regret it.

    Sugarscarf I have one Madison. Tapi tak berapa elok pulak bila I pakai. Maybe I should try the Juliette. Hmmm.

    1. Salam Tina,

      You look so gorgeous in your Lofa I want to try a black piece! I have a piece of Juliette 2.0 Lycra and had to modify the neck opening to fit. It is quite fast to put on but I need pins for it to remain neat.

  2. I'm a Naelofar fan myself, but not too much on Sugarscarf. I love Bokitta too! Yup, definitely an express tudung chick

    1. Hi JH,

      I still enjoy my Voila Maxi from Bokitta. Very tempted to try Lofa!! :)