Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Milestones: Bean Speaks

We were playing on the Fisher-Price playmat yesterday afternoon when Bean pointed at a print of blue elephant and said "blue" with a huge grin on his face.

I asked him again, out of excited disbelief,"What is the colour of this elephant?", and he replied without missing a beat,"Blue!".

Oh, my precious son, SubhanAllah! I felt my heart swell with pride, such a wonderful feeling that Allah swt has created for mothers to enjoy, Allahuakbar!

Bean pointed at and said "purple" last Saturday to my FIL. I missed that milestone! He also says "there" and "no" purposefully now. His favourite words are "bot bot" referring to Samsung Vacuum Robot, "baa baa" for four legged animals and "dada" for his favourite person at home. 

When we ask him to point out objects from his books, he can get it 90% correct, including finding the right object from a different page of the same book or corresponding image from a different book. Trick questions, we love asking him, as he reciprocates by enjoying the challenge. Evidently, he beams with pride and flashes the sweetest grin as he triumphs those trick questions.

Thank You, Allah swt for sending us Bean.


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