Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hijab 2

Some notably funny questions posed to me since 2009:

1. Do you get migraine from wearing tudung?
No. If I tie my pony tail or bun too tightly, then , yes. As would you.
2. Do you get dandruff and thinning hair from wearing tudung?
No. Hair and scalp care remains the same for both wearing the head veil and not. The main difference is making sure that my hair and scalp are dry before wearing my head veil, as would you if you were wearing a headscarf. BFF with my hair dryer and serum. 

3. Are you Chinese?

4. Why did you marry a Malay man?
He is a good and loving man.

5. Your parents don't mind?
They have passed away and they would understand if were still alive.

6. Is it not hot?
I am very blessed to live in mostly air conditioned areas. I am more concerned about dry skin from being in the air conditioned areas so much. Malaysia is hot and humid, fact.

7. But Malay girls don't wear them, why must you?
Being described as a Malay amounts to describing a race. I am a Muslim. It is my faith and religion. When I say I am Chinese, I am describing my ancestor link. I am of the human race, seriously. I do not know why people confuse race with religion. Maybe they need to read and travel more.

8. Where is it in the Qur'an that says you must?
Surah An Nur Ayat 30 for men; and Surah An Nur Ayat 31. I really must commit these verses to memory!

9. Don't you want to show off your beautiful dark brown hair?
No. My personality is more important, no?

10. I thought only after Hajj?
Read Surah An Nur Ayat 30-31 again.

I had a good laugh. I hope you do too.


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