Sunday, 9 September 2012

Real education started AFTER my SPM

I did my Year 12, New South Wales, Australia syllabus.

Then I got my law degree from this university. Feel like dropping by the campus someday, insyaAllah.

Instead of doing the English Bar, which I should have, I did my post bar qualification here.

In order to practice in High Court of Malaya, I served a 9 months pupillage at 2 firms of advocates and solicitors in KL. Why 2 firms? That's fodder for another day.

For those miserable pupils under their current masters, the answer is yes, with the correct application papers, you can change masters and still be called. You just get 2 short calls and 1 long call. Stop being cheap/free labour. Learn something useful for your career ahead.

All the best!


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