Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: Week 36

"Your baby weighs about 2.7 kg at this point. Most of the weight your baby will gain between now and birth will be brown fat, which is a layer of fat that will help your baby regulate his or her temperature after being born - a skill that is needed right from the start. Lengthwise your baby is about 46 cm long, and growing.
Toward the end of pregnancy, the weight and length differences between babies tend to be more pronounced. This is because humans are all slightly different. Genetics comes into play as well as personal health, nutrition, and wellness. Your practitioner may try to guess how large or small your baby is, but even with ultrasound, these guesses are usually off, sometimes by quite a lot. If these guesses make you anxious, say that you'd prefer not to be told." - excerpt from The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss with Dr. Marcello Pietrantoni.
Continued lack of sleeping at night for me as the bump got heavier. Certainly more pressure on my chest and back can be felt as each day passes, with pelvic pressure also increasing - signifying the head engagement. My typical night:
11pm: Go to bed.
1am: Full bladder and aching back, takes 5 minutes to just roll my heavy self up, wait another few seconds to make sure that I can feel my legs steady, go to the toilet, check that there is no bloody show/waterbag leaks, saunter back to bed, roll gently back onto bed, negotiate with Jr. until both are happy with sleeping position. The whole "fiasco" usually disturbs or wakes Z up.
3am: Repeat the above.
5am: Repeat the above.
7am: Repeat the above.
9am: Wake up slightly tired from broken sleep.
3pm to 5pm: Try to nap, or put leg up to reduce swelling.
On the pleasant progress side, we had the new floorboard put in at The Apartment's master bedroom. The new sheer curtains have also been ordered and I hope they will arrive on time. At least this room with its attached bathroom is now baby ready and baby proof. We also cleaned out our wardrobes to pave way for more organised usage and practical reach for baby's things. The cot and changing table both are ready to receive Jr.!
Comparatively, we do not have as much control over the room at The House and we'd rather let it be pretty much the way it is until after the baby arrives. Necessary items like cot, changing table and bathing table are already in place but we are quite sure that we will adjust as we progress and adapt to the new addition to the family.
Braxton-Hicks featured commonly this past week with Jr. practising throughout the day at random. Since no more than 6 contractions were recorded, there was no need to panick. I try to practice my deep breathing each time it happens but wonder if I will remember to do so during labour!
Measurements taken by Dr. Haris Hamzah on 26 March 2010:
BPD: 9.31 cm (was 8.45 cm)
Head circumference: 31.28 cm (was 28.74 cm) target of average 35 cm
Abdominal circumference: 30.13 cm (was 26.42 cm)
Femur length: 6.55 cm (was 6.18 cm)
Weight: 2.371 kg (was 1.753 kg) target of average 3.5 kg
**Retrospective Wisdom: All that waking up to pee was a body prep to wake up every so often to breastfeed. Nice work, Allah is Truly Great**


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