Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: Week 32

"At nearly 1.8 kg and 38 cm, your baby is beginning to fill out. For the next few weeks, your baby will really be putting on the weight in preparation for birth. If you looked at your baby's face via ultrasound earlier, it probably looked very skeletal, but not anymore. a lot of lung development has been taking place over the past few weeks to prepare the baby to breathe. The nervous system functions have also been maturing." - excerpt from The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss with Dr. Marcello Pietrantoni.

Sleepiness during day time ruled as I start to lose sleep at night. Interrupted sleep at night due to the need to empty my bladder, straighten my leg and saving it from cramping, shifting my back to side sleeping and occasional bad dreams every 2 hourly robs me of rest which somehow cannot be replenished even with the best of day time naps.

Swollen feet, especially on the right side, and carpal tunnel syndrome to right hand were also frequent but Dr. Haris said at this stage of gestation, it is quite normal. As long as my blood pressure stay within normal range, he dismisses this as discomfort and not real risks of pre-eclampsia. Discomfort includes headaches and sensitive gums, sigh!

Relaxin hormones have kicked in too. My pelvic area is sore from the relaxation and expansion. Sudden turns can be painful. Agility is out, waddling is in!

Morning nausea that tormented me in the first trimester has made its ugly reappearance too. The search for non-mint, not too fruity toothpaste is on again. The downside is, whatever worked in the first trimester does not seem to work in this third trimester so the search is on. Again.

Miraculously, the above "hassle" does not take away the joys of pregnancy in me. When Junior wriggles, turns, kicks or punches, it brings a certain inner contentment in me out. Seeing how well Junior is doing in gestation during our fortnightly ultrasound and check up reaffirms my love for this special human being in formation whom I cannot wait to meet!

Measurements taken by Dr. Haris Hamzah on 5 March 2010:

Bi Parietal Diameter (ear to ear): 8.45 cm (was 8.21 cm)

Head circumference: 28.74 cm (was 28.26 cm)

Abdominal circumference: 26.42 cm (was 25.15 cm)

Femur length: 6.18 cm (was 5.76 cm)

Weight: 1.753 kg (was 1.476 cm)
**Retrospective Wisdom: Perhaps this week would have been a good time to get busy with setting up the nursery and buying supplies instead of waiting till the very end as the energy level is higher at week 32 than 36. For me, at least.**


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