Sunday, 16 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: Week 20

"Your baby weight in this week at about 285 grams, lighter than your average bottled drink! While your baby is still not very big weight-wise, he or she is about 25 centimetres long, roughly the size of a Barbie doll.

In addition to the fine hair called lanugo, your baby is covered in a thick creamlike material called vernix which is made from skin cells. The vernix will cling to the lanugo and stick in the folds of your baby's skin. If the baby is born prematurely, you will see quite a bit of the vernix. If your baby is born at term or after, you see very little. You can sometimes find vernix in a baby's ears or in the creases at the arms and legs." - excerpt from The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss with Dr. Marcello Pietrantoni.
Week 20 marked the half way point of pregnancy and we celebrated by taking a road trip to Penang with the family. Apart from feeling tired easily/getting swollen feet from walking too much/feeling less tolerant of the heat/getting sore back from standing a little too long, I was fine.

I was beginning to eat well with no nausea and PukeFest seemed to have left town. Alas, most of the good Penang food in Penang are not halal so we stuck to halal franchised or hotel food. I dare vouch that it is easier to find good halal Penang food in the Klang Valley!!

We started to purchase a few necessary items for Jr (mittens, boots, onesies, changing mat and such) after learning that I could possibly be too tired in the third trimester to be out shopping! The car seat hunt was on as it would be compulsory to install one in the car to take Jr home from the hospital. As it would be unlikely that I would be out with Jr in the mall on my own in the first 6 weeks from the time Jr is born, we decided to only purchase the stroller when Jr is around for a test drive.

Jr was well behaved throughout the trip without Braxton-Hicks and PukeFest *star star* giving us the confidence to travel more than the distance of Shah Alam-KLCC!
**Retrospective Wisdom: Car seat and stroller reviews and recommendations from friends with children who can give you a test drive with the baby or toddler in those items are more informative/useful/credible than some online comments. Always try these items in your vehicle and car boot for a good feel of weight handling and actual size before purchasing.**


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