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Retrospective Wisdom: Birth Story

"There is nothing for me to write about Week 38 as S H binti Z was born in Week 37 of gestation. The following will account for her journey into this world. As I am currently busy taking care of her, please be patient with my updates to this entry.

29 March 2010

1.40 am: I felt the champagne bottle cork pop below followed by a warm flow of liquid/water. How do I specifically remember the time? Simple. I was feeling a tad uncomfortable after my usual night pee break at 1.25 am. I was just staring at the clock wondering when I would eventually fall asleep when it happened!

Excitedly, I called out to Z next to me who was fast asleep as he was going to the office that Monday morning.

"Z! I think my water just broke. Turn on the lights, let's check!!"

Groggily, Z rubbed his eyes and went to turn on the light switch.

On the waterproof liner was a small puddle. Hurriedly, I went to check my panty liner and it was soaking pink! Adrenaline set in and we both changed into our "what to wear to hospital when the baby is arriving" clothes, grabbed the 2 hospital bags and went to knock impatiently on Z's parents' door.

Mama answered the door. Sleepily, she asked, "What is it?" Z and I gleefully replied "We're going to the hospital. H's waterbag broke!" By now, we were joined by Dada who maintained his calm and poise. He said, "H, ring the hospital first to let them know that you are coming. Check which entrance is to be used since it is so early."

I rang the hospital while Z loaded the 2 hospital bags into the car. Hugs and kisses from Mama and best wishes from Dada followed and we were off to Sime Darby Subang Medical Centre.

During the car ride on our way there, I thought her MyKid card would look so cute if she were to arrive on 30032010 instead of 29032010 - it was really silly thoughts like this one that took my attention off the painful contractions! The contractions were strong. I was so sure this time it is not Braxton-Hicks or a case of leaking water bag. In fact, I could feel my new pad soaked through during the short journey.

Once we arrived at the hospital entrance, I was placed on the wheelchair and sent to the Labour Ward. Luckily for me, it is not an unfamiliar place as we were already given an induction visit during one of the pre-natal classes. By the time Z parked the car and came to join me in my Labour Suite, my contractions were already 2cm.

Enema was administered by 2.40 a.m. It worked within a couple of minutes! I was really lucky to have Z physically support me because I felt like I was going to pass out from the discomfort and pressure that were added with strong and fast contractions. When I went back to bed and strapped to the monitor, my contractions measured 40+ at every 2 minutes with fetal heartbeat around 135 per minute. I was dilated to 5cm by then! Even the midwife was surprised with my fast progress and quickly rang Dr. Haris.

At 3.40 am, my epidural was completed and I had the dosage increased within 10 minutes to lessen the lower back pains. After years of watching Hollywood movies birth scenes and hearing birthing experiences from friends, I was taken aback by my own cool and calm - and sudden dislike of being touched/held! When in between contractions, I was either talking to Z or praying. During contractions, Z coached me our breathing exercises. Time seem to have passed so quickly from 3.40 a.m. to 5.40 a.m. because by Subuh prayers, I was 8 cm dilated and Dr. Haris had arrived.

Preparations for active labour were made within minutes and the midwife told me at 9 cm that we were going to try to push soon. Z was back from Subuh prayers and the time was 6.10 a.m. when we were gathered for the start of constant pushing.

There was Dr. Haris who checked if I could feel the pressure of episiotomy. I felt some pressure and the cold but not the pain, thank God! I asked to be placed more upright for easy birthing. Some inducer to hasten the contractions were administed and we were joined by a noisy nurse who kept yelling "Angry push". Really, I felt like slapping her face as I am all for gentle birthing and birthing my baby into the world but instead I just focussed on Allah.

Z sat on a small stool behind Dr. Haris and saw the entire process. He too, was very calm and did not pass out from fear as there was very little blood. No, we did not video record the birth.

At 6.25 am, Dr Haris announced "Baby's out!" and I rasked, "Really? She's here?" because it felt so easy with the vacuum assisted birth! Dr. Haris affirmed in this usual cool but positive tone, "Yup!"

The umbilical cord was cut, and I met Sofia face to face for the very first time. I was so smitten that I did not really bother with the placenta and stitching *pure love for my daughter*.

My only thought was "Alhamdulillah!"
**Retrospective Wisdom: No regrets!**


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