Sunday, 9 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: The Newborn

Dear S****,

We love you very much and thank Allah for His precious gift and trust bestowed upon us.

On the first night, you sniffled and sounded like a kitten "miu miu" throughout the night. Daddy thought you have named your first designer brand on your very first day outside the womb! Mummy fed you colostrum and you seemed contented just nuzzling close and warm. As you have not learnt to suck very well, Mummy had to express the colostrum by hand and let you lick it off. A very cute kitten you were!

The lactation consultant had said that you were not latching on properly, kept falling asleep on the breasts and perhaps Mummy should reconsider breastfeeding exclusively. Luckily Mummy is much more headstrong and determined than listening to sweeping statements from a total stranger. Sometimes Mummy have this desire to just call on the lactation consultant and just tell her in her face how mistaken she had been and that she ought not discourage any other first time mothers the same way she did to us!

On the fifth day, we went to the hospital for your check up and you were admitted for jaundice. The children's ward was full so Mummy and Daddy waited for you 18 to 20 hours a day until you completed your treatment. Grandma and Granddad came to fetch you home on the eighth day.

When you returned home, you have learnt to sleep on your tummy. However, you missed the warmth of the UV treatment and wanted to stay close to Mummy 24/7. Naturally, we nicknamed you "Koala" as you would only sleep well if you were clinging onto Mummy.

As you were fully on breastmilk, you fed every 2 hours punctually. Mummy was frantically pumping and feeding you round the clock, sipping red date tea and Earthmama Angel MilkMaid Tea to ensure constant supply. Your paed, Dr. Sofiah Ali was generally very pleased with your progress and growth despite having been admitted for one night of observation due to colic at Day 17.

The nurses at the paed ward had all been smitten by your gray blue eyes!

Daddy was in charge of diapers and you certainly kept him very busy too, leaving him to be a zombie at the office. Despite that, he worked very hard to ensure that you are well provided for.

With lots of love,
Mummy & Daddy
**Retrospective Wisdom: If ever anyone else's newborn has jaundice, I would say get boarded at the hospital with the newborn and place the UV lamp sunbed (phototherapy) by your bedside!! Or rent a UV lamp sunbed for the newborn at home. That'll greatly cut down fatigue for the set of new parents.**


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