Thursday, 20 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: Week 7

"Your baby is growing rapidly and developing organs. This week your baby is working on its kidneys along with other organs. The CRL is about 7 to 9 milimetres. Finger rays (the equivalent of pre-fingers) are also forming.

While your baby is a girl or boy from the moment of conception, you can't physically distinguish the sex yet, even though the genital tubercle (what will become the penis or clitoris) is present.

Your baby's face is not very baby-like yet. This week the nasal pits are developing and the eyes are very large and lidless. The intestines are forming inside the umbilical cord and will move into your baby's abdomen.

If you were to have an ultrasound at this point in your pregnancy and you were really in your 7th week, you should see a fetal pole with a heartbeat. If you don't chances are you are not as far along as you thought and a repeat ultrasound in a week's time will tell a different story." - excerpt from The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss with Dr. Marcello Pietrantoni.

We celebrated National Day and Ramadhan had also begun. As I am pregnant, it is not compulsory for me to fast. Opting for medical reasons, I did not fast and with PukeFest on 24/7, I was more concerned with keeping liquid down, preventing dehydration and not so much fascination with food.

The aroma from kitchen, perfume and almost anything with smell (especially uncooked meat, and food court stench) drove me to the sink. The need to urinate very often also confined me to the house for most part of the time.

Petronas was advised of my delicate, almost frail condition and I started to work from home with the office despatch coming to drop and collect assignments. The really short distance between office and home worked in favour of both despatch and I! The emails contained various drafts, agreements, resolutions and opinions were exchanged at such fast pace no one would have believed that I was working from home and attending PukeFest with a free season pass.
The thought of resigning in order to be fair to the only Fortune500 company in Malaysia weighted heavily and became our daily home debate topic. A family poll was finally taken and after long consult, we decided it is best for Petronas and my pregnancy for me to resign despite the objection from my very kind and understanding colleagues and Boss. If the rezeki is mine, I will return in future.
**Retrospective Wisdom: No regrets about the resignation, except on days when I need some adult/professional/intellectual discussion. It was is the correct, pro-life choice for having The Little Girl.**


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